Sit or stand with Tia Conference


Energize your conference room with height adjustability.

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Informal stand-up meetings are a core ritual of highly effective teams. Benefits include greater participant confidence, focused conversation, and increased team productivity.

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Designed from the ground up to facilitate height adjustability, Tia’s revolutionary lifting columns bring a level of thoughtfulness and elegance to the conference table. For more information contact me.

Create sound divisions at desk heights with MUTO Acoustical Desk Dividers

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MUTO Acoustical Desk Dividers are your solution for providing privacy and modesty with the function of sound absorption. Ideal for large open concept spaces filled with hard surfaces, MUTO Desk Dividers mute the noise level creating quiet and productive environments. With a variety of color options to choose from, select the perfect shade while improving concentration and productivity.

Contact me for more information.

Configurations Galore


With open and closed storage options, standing height Bahn Work Islands become hubs of activity that invite collaboration, especially with a markerboard top surface. Modular storage specification Dual-sided storage modules provide a range of storage types from open to closed, with options for stacking, piling or filing. Storage includes lockers and a recycle center on the end to help clean up the clutter.

For more information contact me.

Pax, a casual seating line that seems to float on air.

INT Pax Crop.png

Integra’s latest seating collection looks as it's floating. The is due to the thin round wooden legs that hold the Pax Collection up. That look can change dramatically when optional metal sleeves are slipped on, giving a more grounded look as well as added durability. Pax Poufs give a casual table/seating option for spaces prone to change, pop up meetings or that are tight on space. For more information, contact me.

Hula to orbit a bar top near you

AW Hula Detail Top View 02.png

Andreu World’s latest stool offering takes inspiration from the hoop it is named after. Hula’s footrest rotates much like a Hula hoop in motion. Clean and understated, its core material is made up of aluminum with a wood or upholstered seat. Designed by Benjamin Hubert of Layer, sustainability was a major focus. The stool is made to hold up in contract environments, be long lasting and is able to be broken down easily for recycling at end of life… but not before lasting through many rotations around the sun! For more information, check out this this video and contact me.

Add some Zap to your projects


As its name suggests, Zap packs a real punch thanks to its vibrant, clean and saturated colors. Soft as lamb, yet tough as steel, it’s ready for use in environments that need the utmost durability but beg for color impact and excitement.

Originally created in the 1960's, Camira has faithfully recreated the original colorways of Risom’s textile and added 20 additional colors to help make the collection as relevant today as it was when it was first released. Use independently or coordinate with Armadillo, another of Risom’s textiles brought back to life by Camira. Comes in 54 width at $55/yd. Contact Me for more information.

MUTO Acoustical Print Panels offer print perfection

MUTO Acoustical Print Panels provide soft tactile texture with bold graphic patterns. Whether used for walls, ceilings, dividers or components, soft-patterned sound absorption is the solution for large noisy spaces with hard surfaces. Choose from 3 patterns in three different core colors. And, with the option to select from small, medium or large scale, designing for the size of your space just got easier. MUTO Acoustical Print Panels create high impact design in a thoughtfully functional way.

Contact me for more information.

Commonality of design... yet, anything but common

With twenty years of NeoCon trade fairs behind me, it is fair to say I take comfort in the familiar: product training, cocktail parties, seeing friends from near and far, and sharing the experience with clients new and old.  And yet, it seems, I see and experience NeoCon differently every time.  It's always exciting for me to see what is new from all my manufacturers and, of course, the awards and accolades are nice too! Each of my manufacturers had their fair share.  But this year I was able to connect the dots of innovation, inspiration and common design themes that I haven't always been aware of before.

For instance, Integra and Watson introduced the Pax Collection and Cloud9 desk, respectively, each with slim pencil leg details and shown in a conservative, yet international material and color palette.  Both Skyline Design and Watson talked about changing landscapes.  The layering of color and light play together with intersecting lines on glass as shown in the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Collection, while Cloud9 rail system showed us how it bends space to people with unlimited ways to change the landscape of workspaces.  Yellow had a strong presence all over the Merchandise Mart and Andreu World and Integra incorporated the color throughout their showrooms, shown below on the Gala chair and Pax Pouf, creating Instagram worthy vignettes for all to snap and share.


It's quite remarkable to see the connections between manufacturers and feel proud to represent each with their unique attributes, yet all speaking a universal design language.  Learn more about the NeoCon 2019 introductions by contacting me for a showroom tour or product update appointment.

NeoCon spotlight: Angles, crisscrosses and translucency, oh my!

SKY NeoCon2019 3 Glass Patterns French Flag.png

Design brothers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were tapped by Skyline Design to create their latest glass design patterns: Oblique and Chevron. Here’s a teaser pic of a few of their freshly angled offerings that play with lines and transparency. Of the designs, The brothers state that "We believe that light is a matter of variation, of multiple pieces of information that your eyes build into a unique panorama." Vive la Français design! Check it out in person at NeoCon showroom 1040 and/or contactez-moi pour plus d’informations.

NeoCon spotlight: Camira's Double fabric feature


Camira’s latest release is not one but two fabric options for panel applications with the look of wool, but made up of non-woven felted fibers. Sonus comes in array of colors both bold and subtle, depending on the application. Sonus Etch, its sister fabric adds visual interest and is offered in two neutral options that are meant to compliment any design color scheme, blending into the scene. Both evoke a mélange visual that adds a touch of interest to the fabric's overall solid appearance. Contact me for more information.

P.S. If you're heading to NeoCon, head to showroom 1123A to see this and recently released Jens Risom Collection along with his iconic A-Chair.


Let’s go eat well then fiesta, Andreu World style!

Andreu World has not one, but two events that will have you jota-ing to their locations at TheMART on Monday, June 10th.


First up, a delectable event featuring the release of the book Andreu World Book: Eat Well Seated, Gastronomy and Design by Alvaro Castro. You definitely don't want to miss this panel discussion and book presentation happening on June 10 at 10am-1pm in 1871 space of TheMART (11th Floor - suite 1212). RSVP is needed, so please to reserve your spot.


But that's not all! There will be no time for siesta on June 10th between 4:30 to 8pm! Join Andreu World in NeoCon showroom 10-132 for a live musical performance, Spanish tapas and wine. Be there or be cuadrado--no RSVP necessary. Contact me for more information.

Heading to NeoCon this June? So is The Material Collective!

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Several of The Material Collective's lines will be featuring their latest and greatest at NeoCon and we can’t wait for you to check them out! Following is a list of all things TMC at NeoCon

Find us here: 

Events, Happy Hours and Parties: 

Sunday, June 9, 5-7pm: Camira Happy Hour @ Public House, 400 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60654. RSVP to Bobby Hejna by May 13, 2019.

Wednesday, June 12, 4:30-8pm : Andreu World Fiesta @ 10-132  

Showroom Tour scheduling:

Contact me to schedule a showroom tour for any of the manufacturers listed above and get ahead of the crowds!

NeoCon Itinerary, Tips and Tricks: 

  1. ️ ✈️ ➡️ to 💨🏙️

  2. Plan it 📅 + 🗺️

  3. Come 😴 + ☕️ + 🥛🥛🥛

  4. Comfort over Fashion 👞 > 👠

  5. Work your way through the 🏢 🔝 ⬇️

  6. Follow the 🥇 🥈 🥉 via Contract Design 

  7. Bring the essentials: Business ♠️s + 📱 + 🔋 (in other words, 🚕➡️ 💡🏋️)

  8. NeoCon 🌃 = 🎉 + 🍸️ + 🍽️

  9. ↪️ to 🏨 and 😴

  10. 🔁 steps 2-8 x  2

  11. ↪️ ✈️ to 🏜️ 🏠️ ️

  12. 🗣️ 🔎 with👥

Travel safe in June and see you at theMart!